Corporate Cancer

What is Corporate cancer? Corporate cancer is when one or more members of the organization take action to negatively impact the business or another person within the business.  When you hear a diagnosis that you or someone you know has cancer many feelings and thoughts rush through your mind.  You may ask questions like where? When did it start? How far has it spread? What treatment options are there? There is an urgency to stop the spread and eliminate the cause of the cancer.  All of the sudden, this problem rises to the highest priority because we know how serious and…

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Your Baby, the Business

If you are unfamiliar with the term owner operator, it basically is a business owner who is so heavily woven into the company that the company cannot operate with out them. They say things like “this is my baby,” or “I can’t trust anyone else to do it,” or “I can’t afford to step away.” If this sounds familiar you may be an operator.

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