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We help small manufacturing businesses change their net trajectory with pragmatic strategies, by revealing core inhibitors and applying appropriate methodologies.

Executive Coaching

Every executive needs or has a confidential peer to partner with to lift the personal burdens and for an objective perspective of the businesses challenges. 

Business Strategy

An effective business strategy should encompass all aspects of the business as a whole.  From finance, marketing, organizational development, and operations are all part of the same body.  Focusing on only one will invariably lead to suffering as a whole.

Marketing Consulting

Love it or hate it, marketing is a vital part of a healthy business.  Far too often small manufacturing businesses liken marketing to advertising and devalue it’s importance, even though the two are vastly different.  Consequently, it always comes back to bite them. 


9 out of 10 times a business is stumped on a growth challenge the answers are found in research.  An experienced researcher will know the most effective methods to employ to identify the unbiased results of the core inhibitors to growth. 

You already have a great product, you just need a great strategy!

Are you struggling with a stagnant customer base?

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Have you ever hit a cash flow rock with no sight of a sales increase before next payroll?

Brio Business Consulting offers one on one coaching for addressing your most iminent needs for small manufacturing businesses such as yourself to stablize the feast or famine cash flow.  Unlike hiring a marketing agency to drum up business for a short term boost, Brio’s one on one coaching parters with you to comprehensively look at your unique business in a comprehensive and practical way to make a sustainable change by including a heavy emphasis on finances to guide multi-level strategies.

Every business hits lows, but staying there is a choice.

~Karla Clark

Would you like to achieve a clear and thorough understanding of the drivers and inhibitors of your business?

I’d love to offer you a free 20-minute consultation with me to help you create a custom road-map to break through the fence and identify how I can accelerate your success.

After our consultation, you will:

Identify Major Gaps

Having an objective, experienced perspective offers a clear view of where and how improvements can be made is critical for growth.

Have an Action List

You will have a list of specific actions that you need to take to start changing your trajectory.

Renewed Hope

Bottom line you are the heart of your business and if you see no light at the end of the tunnel your heart won't be in it and it will show up in your businesses sucess.


I am Karla, I am the CEO of BRIO Business Consulting. I am a business strategist with a background in entrepreneurship, manufacturing, finance, and marketing strategy that is personally motivated to help other small manufacturing businesses become stable and competitive.  I have been where you are and know the pains you are going through.  I also know how hard it is to see core inhibitors when you are so close to the problem.

Read more about why I am so passionate about helping other small businesses. 

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